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A Guide to Buying Metal Sunglasses

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Metal sunglasses are always in style because they give you that clean finish which most plastic sunglasses just don’t have. You might be wondering, though, why some metal sunglasses are cheap, while other can cost an arm and a leg.

Types of metal used


The most expensive metal sunglasses have frames made from titanium. Comparatively speaking, these frames are more durable than other metals, but they also cost a fortune. They’re rust-free, though, light, and are used for designer sunglasses like RayBan’s Aviator. For cheaper metal sunglasses, try looking for frames made from aluminum and magnesium. These frames are frailer, though, and would rust or fade more quickly compared to titanium frames.


Choosing the style


Sunglasses with metal frames come in all shapes and sizes. The first thing you have to do is to find out what your facial shape is. Do you have an oval face, a round face, a diamond face, an oblong face, or a rectangular face? Oval faces are very fortunate because any lens shape would look good on them.


Round faces should go for rectangular frames just to make them look slimmer. For oblongs and rectangular shaped faces, rounded frames do a great job in softening them up. The same frame would look attractive on diamond faces. Aviator styles would look good on almost any facial shape because they basically just take the shape of your eye area.


Lens and frame color


Metal frame colors are usually gold, silver, black, or gray. While gold and silver frames may have more character, black or gray ones are least likely to fade away. As for the color of the frames, the easiest ones to match with any outfit are blacks and browns. If you’re more adventurous, though, you might want to try pinks, blues, and greens. Just pick them according to how well they look against your skin.  Buy a variety of your best colors to match your clothes and your mood.