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Are Mirrored Sunglasses the Right Pair for You?

Are Mirrored Sunglasses the Right Pair for You?

If you’re looking for a really efficient pair of sunglasses which you can use for driving and hanging out at the beach, then you might want to consider mirrored sunglasses. These are available in a variety of styles and lens shapes and are more than just aesthetic accessories. The mirrored or silver tint reflects sunlight, so it’s slightly better at shielding your eyes from the rays of the sun compared to regular sunglasses.

Choosing the right style


Most mirrored sunglasses have full frames, but if you’re looking for really stylish ones, you might want to consider the Aviator. These are big sunglasses popularized by RayBan, and they flatter almost all face shapes. If you prefer glasses that have full frames, though, choose lens shapes that go well with your features. Someone with an oval-shaped face won’t have to worry about choosing the right lens shape. Any type of sunglasses would suit this facial shape. For oblong or rectangular faces, go for wayfarers or cat eye frames. These draw attention to the temples (sideways) instead of the length of the face.


To slim down round facial shapes, you should wear rectangular lenses. Cat-eye lenses would also work wonders here. On the other hand, to soften diamond of rectangular faces with strong jaw lines, round lenses or John Lennon glasses should do the trick.


Taking care of mirrored sunglasses


While they’re extremely popular, sunglasses with mirror or reflective lenses are also very prone to scratches. Because of the apparent opacity of the mirrored side of these sunglasses, the scratches are also going to be more visible. To take care of them, make sure that you put them back to their cases when they’re not being used. Avoid wearing them on your head as a band.


Also, avoid wiping them clean with just any type of fabric. Use the cleaning fabric that came with your glasses. Hairline scratches are usually produced when you use just any fabric to clean your shades. 

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