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Bamboo Sunglasses

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In this generation where environmental awareness has penetrated all manner of industry, it’s no surprise that even sunglasses, along with the rest of the fashion industry, is going green. There is now a greater demand from consumers for environmental friendly fashion products.

This is where bamboo sunglasses come in. One of the biggest responses to the demand of green supporting consumers is the creation of wood sunglasses. With so many sunglasses being manufactured from plastic every year, it’s frightening how much plastic waste there’s going to be in the future. Indeed, the use of the usual materials for creating eyewear has becomg largely unsustainable.

Bamboo sunglasses, on the other hand, are more sustainable because they are harvested from bamboo, which grows back fast. In fact, they are processed in a way that there’s not damage to plant life at all. This is why among other types of wood materials used like walnut and ebony, bamboo is the more practical material.


They’re pretty much the same as the usual sunglasses, although sometimes they can be more stylish. This is because wood materials offer unique textures and patterns that can’t always be manufactured, such as the unique appeal wood gives off. Moreover, bamboo sunglasses can also be custom made by people who want to, with the right kind of materials, design, and know-how. But for everything else, bamboo sunglasses are very much like the regular ones. You’ll still get to see the same styles of frames and lenses.


You’ll want to take more care of them, though, because they can be more fragile than your usual sunglasses. This is because wood isn’t as flexible as rubbery plastics or other synthetic products. Although some bamboo sunglasses can be more durable than their plastic counterparts. Either way, be careful not to place your sunglasses in spots where they can be broken.


For those who like their colors, don’t worry, because bamboo sunglasses can be colored to suit your taste as well. In fact, the color stands out more because they’re on wood materials. This is a style that’s best for those who prefer a less shiny design. But there are perks to bamboo sunglasses in their natural color as well. They’re a wonderful alternative to the universal color black, because the wood colored sunglasses will match any outfit properly.


In the end, supporting the production and creation of bamboo sunglasses is a pretty noble cause, so if you don’t have a pair of these wooden eyepieces yet, get one so that you can add one more thing to your list of environmentally friendly activities.


Buying them won’t be so hard either. Ever since they got popular, the bamboo sunglasses are just as common as their original counterparts. This means that as long as you know where you favorite eyewear store is, you’ll definitely find them.