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Buying Imitation Celebrity Sunglasses—Style for the Low Price

Buying Imitation Celebrity Sunglasses—Style for the Low Price

Have you ever tried to steal your favorite star’s look by buying an imitation of the designer glasses he or she is wearing? You were so sure that you’d look stunning in the get-up, but them something goes wrong. You’re still not Jennifer Aniston, or even a relative who’s twice removed. In fact you’re quite amazed at how different a near-identical pair of sunglasses looks on your face compared to hers. What could be the problem?

It’s not the imitation sunglasses


Unless your newly-purchased pair of imitation sunglasses obviously defective, the discrepancy between Jennifer Aniston’s look and yours can’t be blamed on your fashion accessory. It could only be one thing: you might deeply admire the actress but you don’t have the same facial shape. Face shape plays a big role in the enhancing characteristics of your sunglasses. When you purchase the wrong sunglasses design for your face, you either make it too round, too long, or too angular. You need to practice balance.


Looking at celebrities


This doesn’t mean, though, that looking at what the celebrities are wearing is useless when it comes to choosing your own pair of sunglasses. Hollywood stars tell us what styles are still hot and what’s not. Instead of sticking to just one celebrity, look at what the others are wearing as well. List as many types of sunglasses as you like and detail what you like about the designs. After this, sit down and assess which of the celebrity sunglasses would look good on your own face.


Balancing act


Pairing your pretty face with the right kind of sunglasses is actually easier than you first thought. All you really have to do is to remember to balance everything out. If you have an oval face, then you should skip this section altogether. Perfectly oval faces are rare, but if you do have one, then you have no problem with choosing sunglasses. You can wear a Jennifer Aniston pick, or any other celebrity’s pick for that matter and look good in those shades.


If you have an angular face already, you need to find lenses which would soften your look. The only way to do this is to pick lenses which have rounded edges, if they’re not completely circular already. If you have a long face with a pronounced chin and/or forehead, you need to find sunglasses which would draw everyone’s eyes to your temples. Cat eye glasses and Wayfarers look really well. Round faces would benefit from angular frames, and wide set faces would look good with Aviators because Aviators have rounded edges but they also droop at the center, drawing more attention to the length and not the width of your face.


Choosing your retailer


Trusted retailers give full details of their look-a-like sunglasses. These imitation sunglasses should be as close as possible to the original. They should also be made from high quality metal and plastic frames. If you’re unhappy with the product, you should be given a money-back guarantee, or at the very least a replacement for the defective goods. All imitation sunglasses should still protect you well from UV rays. You don’t need brand names to protect your eyes and keep in style.    

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