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Celebrate in Style: What you should know about Party Sunglasses

Do you know that sunglasses make for excellent party favors and accessories? These are not expensive designer pieces, though, which would be impossible to buy by the bulk for a single celebration unless you’re a billionaire. These are cheap fun party sunglasses which border on the bizarre with their designs and bring life to just about any celebration.

New Year’s Sunglasses


The most common use of party sunglasses isn’t even necessarily outdoors or during a daytime party. People know party sunglasses most from wild New Year’s Eve parties. The only limit to the designs for these particular party sunglasses is your imagination. There are oversized disco sunglasses with round transparent lenses and frames that sport LED lights. There are also bizarrely shaped white sunglasses which glow in the dark with ultra violet lights. These sunglasses have replaces masks because they’re more casual and more fun. You can order identical designs if you’re having a themed New Year’s Eve party or purchase sets with a variety of shapes and just let your guests do the choosing.




Halloween parties aren’t necessarily ghoulish anymore. What they can be is cool, and nothing is cooler than party sunglasses. You can use identical disco, shaped and/or glow-in-the-dark sunglasses so your friends can totally be incognito without the hassle of wearing old fashioned masks. Of course, if their getup already includes a mask, there’s nothing cooler than a ware wolf sporting glow-in-the-dark specs while dancing to the coolest Halloween track. These party sunglasses are cheap so you can always buy twenty to a hundred pieces of these plastic goodies without drying up the funds for your party.


Pool or beach party


If you’re having a themed pool or beach party, there’s no better party favor than a set of party sunglasses. Uniform pieces are best for these purposes. If it’s a Valentine’s celebration, you can choose red-colored and heart-shaped frames just to keep everyone in the holiday mood. You can also brighten up a summer party by choosing white-framed party sunglasses with different wacky shapes. Go wild with the design picks because the usual fashion rules about sunglasses do not apply to party sunglasses. If you’re celebrating something that’s related to women empowerment, you can have your guests pretty in pink with pink-framed party sunglasses.


Party sunglasses for kids


While the bigger kids usually have fun with the adult’s version of party sunglasses, you should now where the trend really came from. Since the early 80s, plastic sunglasses have been a common and pretty popular party favor for children’s parties. When it comes for kid’s parties, be as wacky and diverse as you could be. Choose party sunglasses of all shapes and colors. Of course, if you’re purchasing some sunglasses with LED lights, or with glow-in-the-dark features, you better make sure that all of the sunglasses have these perks. Otherwise, the kids might fight over the better pieces. LED and glow-in-the-dark, after all, seem much cooler than plain plastic ones. Think like a kid when you’re choosing party sunglasses for your son’s or daughter’s party. You can never go wrong with your choice when you put yourself in their shoes. 

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