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Choosing the Best Women Sunglasses

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Are you looking for the best women’s sunglasses? During the warmer seasons of summer and spring, sunglasses are the best accessories for women. Placed right at the focal point of the face, it’s the accessory that catches everyone’s attention. This means that you can wow anyone with the best choice of sunglasses, or be absolutely awkward if you sport the wrong pair. How do you choose the best sunglasses for women? It is a matter of fashion trend or personal style and preference?

Explore your features


The key to choosing the best pair of sunglasses if you’re a woman is to look closely at your features. Pay close attention to your face’s size and shape. Is your face small, medium or large compared to other women’s faces? How about its shape? Do you lean on round or angular? Is it too long or too wide to be an oval?


If you have an oval-shaped face with a size that’s basically average, you’ll have an easy time looking for the best women’s sunglasses. Almost any style would suit you. All you have to do is to determine your personal style. If you have a face that’s a bit too long to be an oval, you may want to stick to frame designs which draw more attention sideways. Those with embellishments to the temples of your face work really well. As for frame shapes, cat eyes and Wayfarers are the best options.


Angular faces should be accessorized with sunglasses that have lens shapes which have rounded corners, if not totally circular. Round faces, on the other hand, would be well-balances with angular lenses.


If you think your face is too pudgy or round, you can slim those cheeks with lenses that draw more attention vertically. The Aviator is a good choice because while it’s a bit similar to the Wayfarer, its lens droops down your cheeks, somewhat elongating your face. It’s not a very good option for long faces.


Determine your use for the sunglasses


Are you planning to use your sunglasses for driving or for the beach? How harsh is the sun in your area? These things will also help you choose the best women’s sunglasses. While style, and how well they suit the face could be important, it’s also best if you know what you’re using the sunglasses first. Fashion trends can only help you so far. Driving sunglasses need to be tinted well-enough or even polarized for them to be efficient. If they aren’t, you could suffer from temporary blindness and even accidents because your glasses were too light.


On the other hand, sunglasses for walking or simply for style reasons can be tinted lighter. You can choose to wear lightly-tinted sepia or pastel lenses if you just want color in your eyes but you’re not really that worried about the sun’s harshness. You’ll notice that sunglasses which are designed for spring are lighter-tinted than summer sunglasses. You wouldn’t really want to sport heavily-tinted lenses if the sun’s not that bright outside.