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Choosing the Right Imitation Designer Sunglasses for your Face Shape

Choosing the Right Imitation Designer Sunglasses for your Face Shape

Do you think that everything which your favorite celebrity wears would automatically look good on you too? If you’ve been trying to copy your favorite star’s style for a while now, you know that this isn’t the case, especially with sunglasses.

Different types of sunglasses suit different types of facial shapes. Some people purchase imitation designer sunglasses hoping to emanate their favorite stars only to be deeply disappointed. Sometimes they even blame it on the quality of the imitation. The truth is that these sunglasses would only look good depending on the shape of your face, and it’s very rare for fans to have the same face shape as their idols.

Use celebrity references for trends


There’s nothing wrong with looking at what your favorite star is wearing as long as you’re doing it only to keep track of fashion trends. After all, who has the money to purchase the latest fashion additions other than Hollywood Stars and billionaire heiresses who share the same limelight? Make sure your list of “must-haves” is long, though, so at least one or two sunglasses style would survive the process of elimination.


Eliminate honestly


Be very honest with yourself when you look in the mirror. Oval shapes are the easiest to shop for when it comes to sunglasses because they’re the most balance face shapes. Any sunglasses would look good on an oval-shaped face. However, very few people have this face shape so look hard in the mirror when you assess yourself.


Are you leaning more on the square or rectangular face? These faces have pronounced jaw lines, flatter chins, and square foreheads. If your bone structure leans more to this shape, then choose lenses which have rounded lens corners. The rounded lenses would soften up your features. This is especially important if you’re a woman and you would like to look more feminine.


If you have a long face (with a pronounced chin and/or forehead), make sure that you pick a pair of celebrity sunglasses which draw attention to the temples or the ears. This way, the length of your face will be offset by the width of the sunglasses. Straight visors also work well with men with long faces. It cuts the length of the face, balancing the whole look.


Round faces need slimming sunglasses. These are either rectangular frames which are oversized, or Aviators which droop downward putting more focus on the length of the face as opposed to its width. With these little optical tricks, your face would be closer to the perfect oval. With the wrong pair of sunglasses, though, they’d look longer, wider, rounder, or more angular. You need celebrity sunglasses which would flatter your own face and not just your idol’s.


Choosing a retailer


Just because you’re purchasing an imitation of your celebrity’s designer sunglasses doesn’t mean you should settle for less. Try to choose retailers which have received almost 100% positive feedback from their past clients. As a client yourself, you should be given warranties to assure you that the product you’re purchasing is only of the highest quality.