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Choosing the Right Night Sunglasses

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Some people might find the concept of night sunglasses strange. For one, there’s no sun at night. However for the ultimate party animal, night sunglasses are no longer new. Night sunglasses are also called disco glasses or party sunglasses. These are spectacles which can be worn at night parties in place of the usual party hats or ball masks. They’re modern, may glow in the dark, or may have frames that have LED lights. You can find these night sunglasses during Halloween parties, New Year’s Eve parties, or any celebration at night time wherein the host is all for fashion, accessorizing, and pure fun.

Choosing your night sunglasses


Before you purchase a bulk of these night sunglasses, try to identify what kind of party you’re throwing. Is this a bachelorette party? If so, then polarized pair of night sunglasses which allows the wearer to see everyone while hiding most of the features of her face would work best. If it’s a Halloween Party and there are bound to be extra-terrestrial creatures in your guest list, glow in the dark frames would most certainly do the trick. They may or may not be tinted.


Are you planning to throw a 70s party complete with disco balls and afro wigs? If that’s the case, then you might as well go all-out with the old school antics. Purchase oversized round disco sunglasses with LED lights. These would look fun and amazing once everyone’s wearing them.


Is this an astronomy convention? Astronomy aficionados need not be so serious all the time. Name your cosmopolitan drinks after constellations and then purchase uniform glow-in-the-dark night sunglasses with lenses shapes as stars. Everyone will be in high spirits goofing around in this theme-inspired party accessory. You can be serious scientists but who says you can’t be kids at heart too?


Fashion and retailers


All of the fashion rules you’ve worked so hard to remember when it comes to picking out the right sunglasses no longer apply to night sunglasses because they’re for partying. You don’t have to worry about your looks or your guest’s looks. These glasses aren’t designed to flatter your face. They’re there to encourage a more relaxed atmosphere where people are not afraid to make fun of themselves. It gives your party the much-needed life when things get oh-so-serious.


Proper venues


Of course not all parties are suitable for night party sunglasses. You need to determine the tone of your party before you incorporate this accessory into your party’s shopping list. If your party is casual but not wacky, and you’re just looking for replacements for masks because you’re holding a modern masquerade, you might want to choose more conventionally shaped party classes with dark tints which your guests can wear comfortably. Do away with the lights and the glow-in-the-dark frames as well.


Retailer guide


You’ll most probably be buying 20 to 50 pieces of these night party glasses at a time. If that’s the case, you need to be very sure about your retailer. Choose one that has positive feedback from real clients. If it’s your first time to purchase products from the retailer, it would always benefit you to pick one with quality guarantees.