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Choosing your Wayfarer Sunglasses

Choosing your Wayfarer Sunglasses

Are your Imitation Wayfarer Glasses Flattering your Face: Style Basics

Are you thinking about buying Wayfarer glasses for the spring or summer? The Wayfarer design was popularized by the brand Rayban, but if the real deal costs too much for you, you can always purchase imitation models. Some of them are high quality and could last you quite a long time. What’s the appeal behind Wayfarer glasses? It first came out in the 1950’s and it remains a popular today. Why do people love this style so much?

Smaller shades


People who love wayfarers are more attuned to smaller lenses on their sunglasses. If you notice the trend for the past few years, you’ll see that they lean more on big, “stunner” glasses which seem to be derivative of the Aviator style. Wayfarers don’t cover so much of the eyes. They basically just cover enough to protect the eye area from the sun. Also, wayfarer glasses are made from plastic whereas aviator glasses, mostly from metal. The Wayfarer line looks like a more subtle cat-eye or butterfly frame. When it first came out in 1952, it was also a bit bigger, but the version we see today is popularized by the Rayban Brand.


Facial shapes for the wayfarer


The Wayfarer is understated and looks good on almost any facial shape. It looks best in oblong and diamond facial shapes, and is mostly worn by women. In the 80s, though, it was worn by male celebrities as well including Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise. Female celebrities who popularized the Wayfarer style included Mary Kate Olsen, Audrey Hepburn, and Marylyn Monroe. Although John Lennon is better known for his metal framed circular sunglasses, he also wore a Wayfarer back in the day.


If your facial shape resembles the facial shape of these celebrities, you may want to try on a Wayfarer. If you’re a man and you’re worried that this sunglasses style is only for women, think again. Don’t cross it out as too feminine until you’ve actually tried it on. It might look better on you than other styles.


Going for imitation


Imitation Wayfarer glasses are great ways for you to save a lot of money and still be in style. Choose your imitation designer sunglasses merchant well. Make sure that they sell high quality look-a-likes. Just because you’re wearing an imitation doesn’t mean that you should settle for subpar products.


Check the plastic’s quality and the screws. Make sure that they look as close as possible to the original Wayfarers. Don’t be too concerned about the size. You should consider the sunglasses size in relation to your face size. Of course, if you really want to buy a look-a-like that resembles the original Wayfarer as closely as possible, you could look for a merchant which has photos comparing the original with the imitation sunglasses.


Wayfarer personality


Those who choose to wear Wayfarer glasses are more subdued than those who choose oversized sunglasses and aviators. If you feel like your style fits this category more, or simply if you think that the Wayfarer looks best on your face than any other styles of sunglasses, go ahead and pick your choice of Wayfarer.  

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