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Clubmaster Sunglasses

Clubmaster Sunglasses

For a look with endless possibilities, the clubmaster sunglasses has almost all of it. It’s one of those one-stop picks for those who want a great pair that works for all occasions. It’s been the choice of many people from all walks of life and it could be yours too.

The clubmaster sunglasses started out way back in the 1980s, when the wayfarers and aviators were already dominating the industry. It got introduced as sunglasses that had the browline frame - a concept that used to be sported for eyeglasses. It has a plastic frame above the lens (along the eyebrows, which is how it got its name), with the rest of the frame made of metal.

Although the browline glasses experienced a bit of stigma during the 90s (but they did get better reputation after), the clubmaster sunglasses got so famous that it was the third best selling style of sunglasses in the 80s and going forward. A lot of this popularity could be attributed to movie stars sporting these sunglasses in their films.


Of course, the classic clubmaster sunglasses will always be the most iconic. Its sleek, black frame is complemented by the gold metal frame at the bottom. It’s pretty much ideal for almost any kind of occasion, from formal to casual. This is the choice of many intellectuals and civil group leaders because the glasses have often been associated with the concept of hardworking thinkers like in the movies.


But the clubmaster sunglasses are incredibly versatile and can suit the tastes of many people as well. They can be customized to the way you like it. The first kind of variation could be the flash lenses, which feature lenses coated with layers of metal oxides to achieve a multicolor effect. They are best appreciated when worn in sunny and medium lighted environments, so you can clearly see the different hues of one color like green or blue through a single pair.


Those who want a more retro look can achieve that with the clubmaster sunglasses with aluminum jacket, where the temples and frames are donned with a silvery or metallic look. There are also those with copper. Either way, the design gives the sunglasses a really cool, modern look.


And then there are those clubmaster sunglasses with multicolored frames.  There are frames that have black and yellow frames while some have unique patterns on them. It’s great for those who want to mix up those colors for a less than ordinary look.


Normally the clubmaster sunglasses have a semi-square frame, are are better for people with rounded faces, but there’s also a variety of these sunglasses with more rounded features, making it ideal for those people with more corners around their faces, making the sunglasses ideal for any person.


Clubmaster sunglasses is a pretty cool choice of eyewear for any scenario and almost any kind of outfit so it’s really good to have a pair for yourself.