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Comeback styles with Retro-Vintage Sunglasses

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It might not come as a surprise to most people but the 2000s aren’t as futuristic as some people in the 50s and 60s thought. As a matter of fact, the eyewear territory looks pretty much the same with the old Grace Kelly sunglasses and Aviators dominating the fashion scene. How does one pull off these retro sunglasses? What style goes nicely with them?

Just about any style


Almost any style, at this point, can go well with retro-vintage sunglasses. However the best outfits, of course, are still the classics. Retro-vintage sunglasses are oversized, or have a lot of embellishments, and an outfit isn’t so appealing when it’s too busy. When your retro-vintage sunglasses sports animal prints, it should be somewhat unified with your outfit. This means that you’ll have to wear something plainer, or look for prints of the same type. Two animal prints in one get up just won’t do. Practice balance when you’re picking out our outfit.


Plainer retro-vintage sunglasses are easier to pair. You can wear these with just about any outfit as long as the combination of colors isn’t too glaring. Pair white vintage sunglasses with any outfit. If you’re wearing a yellow pair of vintage sunglasses, try to go for the monochrome look, or at least wear the pair of sunglasses with the same family of colors. The same rule goes for other frame colors. You might want to go all out with your retro-look by wearing 50s-inspired sunglasses with coat and shoes that are derived from the same era.


Face balance


Not all retro-vintage sunglasses should be worn with any face shape, unless, of course, you have an oval-shaped face. In which case, you can wear just about any type of sunglasses because your facial features are perfectly balances. Angular faces and extremely round ones need to limit their sunglasses choices to those with lens shapes that would either elongate or widen the face shape.


If you practice creating an optical illusion with your clothes just to improve your figure, you should do the same with your sunglasses. Round faces should be accessories with angular sunglasses (retro 90s rectangular lenses would do well), and longer faces should be balanced with sunglasses that draw more attention sideways. These sunglasses include cat eyes, Wayfarers and straight visor-types.


For women, one way to soften a face that’s too angular to be feminine is to wear sunglasses that have rounded edges. For a face that’s both angular and wide-set, the Aviator is the perfect choice because it softens the features but droops down as well at the middle portions of the lenses creating a lengthening illusion.


The sizes of the retro-vintage sunglasses should also be accounted for in relation to the facial shape. If you have an extremely small face frame, it’s a bad idea to overcrowd it with a very big pair of sunglasses. You might want to stay away from extremely small lenses if you have big cheeks because these small lenses will only make your cheeks appear bigger in comparison.