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Festival Sunglasses

Festival Sunglasses

Part of the fun of going to a music festival – or any other festive event for that matter – is sporting the right look that will help you fit in and make you feel comfortable and good about yourself. This means making the right calls on your shades.

That’s right, festival sunglasses will make a lot of difference on your overall look. First, it’s one of the first things people will notice and, second, you’re going to need it for the entire event. And usually, these things last entire weekends, or even longer. You’ll be under the sun a lot and you want to make sure you’ll have the right pair with you.

Festivals usually have a very vintage feel to them. They’re usually held in large, open spaces where people enjoy concerts and camp out – it’s like a huge family picnic, only with more people to meet for the first time. So the overall look that you should pull off, and that includes festival sunglasses, is complete outdoor comfort.


That’s why wayfarers are the best bet for your festival sunglasses. They’re quite classic and fit perfectly into your laid back outdoor attire.


As far as colors go, black is safest. They can match any outfit and will always complement the shape of your face. But if you’ve got a very distinct outfit for the festival in mind, going for the right colored festival sunglasses will be a great head turner. Going for the dark, non-black shades of wayfarers such as brown of fuchsia would be a good idea. Try to think of outdoor, nature type colors like brown or maple. Mint green looks great too.


Your festival sunglasses don’t exactly have to be wayfarers, but you’ll want to stick to the large framed ones. Going for the narrow shaped sunglasses will provide less protection for the sun and won’t really match what you’d usually wear to these events. Many women look awesome in oversized sunglasses, especially when they’re framed with a patterned design. For guys who want a more masculine but similarly round festival sunglasses, aviators will be the best choice.


Lenses don’t have to be black. If the sun doesn’t bother you too much but you still want your wayfarers, you can opt for the ones with colorless lenses. Lots of women look great with rosy lensed sunglasses, and the ones with the darker shade work great on men too. If you want something closer to black, try mocha or grey. In some cases, blue could also work, but it doesn’t usually fit the vintage theme.


Finally, you’ll notice that most of the recommended festival sunglasses are the large, round shaped. But we all know that round sunglasses aren’t for everyone. For those with faces that don’t go well with rounded shades, they can opt for semi-rectangles or cat eyes for a great compromise.


Don’t forget to check yourself out in the mirror just to make sure your festival sunglasses match your planned outfits completely before you go out and start partying all weekend. Have fun!

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