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Getting the best Sunglasses for Men: Shopping with your Partner

Getting the best Sunglasses for Men: Shopping with your Partner

If you want your man to remember you all the time, shop for the best sunglasses for men and let him wear your gift everywhere. Sunglasses aren’t very popular surprise gifts, though, because most women don’t know the basic rules in buying sunglasses. They prefer to choose via trial and error, so they bring their partners to the stores and have them try on their sunglasses. There are ways for you to choose sunglasses for your partner, though, without spoiling the surprise.

Look at his old sunglasses


Your man might have sunglasses stashed in the dashboard, or he could be wearing one during the drive to your date. While that pair of sunglasses might be perfect for him already, he can always use a new one, especially one that’s given by you. Ask him about his sunglasses if you think that’s not too obvious. Compliment him about it (if it does look good against his facial features) and ask him if he bought it himself or if it was a gift from someone else (if you don’t already know where it came from).


You can use his old sunglasses as basis for the new pair you’ll be buying for him. Are the lenses polarized? Are they heavily-tinted? Do they have metal or plastic frames? Are they original designer labels? These things will help you determine your partner’s taste, making your choice of sunglasses almost fool-proof.


Consider his features


If you think your partner needs an update with his looks, you can give him a new pair of men’s sunglasses and make him like the idea of wearing a new pair by making sure it’s something that would flatter his features. Print out a picture of your partner if you haven’t already memorized his features. Consider his face’s size and shape and use this information to choose the most flattering style of sunglasses.


The rule for sunglasses style is simple: don’t choose oversized glasses for small facial frames. Don’t choose overly small glasses too for faces which are more on the big size. Balance should be followed in choosing lens shapes. Oval-shaped faces which is not common in men, is the easiest facial shape to shop for because almost any style would be suitable for it. If your partner has a long-shaped face, you might want to choose sunglasses which draw more attention vertically. Wayfarers and visors should be on top of your list.


If your man has an angular face, you might want to choose lenses with rounded corners like Aviators to soften the face a little bit. On the other hand, there’s really no danger in over-emphasizing angles in a man’s face as angles are really more associated to masculinity.


Men with extremely round faces can benefit from angular sunglasses. There are rectangular sunglasses with metal frames which would balance out their facial features best. Some prefer Aviator-style sunglasses, though, as they draw the eye’s attention downwards, which slims and elongates round faces. Consider these things when you shop for your man’s sunglasses.