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Getting Your Own Pair of Disco Sunglasses

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Getting Your Own Pair of Disco Sunglasses

Just in case you’re wondering how the idea of indoor sunglasses first came about, look up disco sunglasses and you’ll find the answer. Disco Sunglasses were very popular in the 70s. These are round plastic lenses with faint colored shades from yellow to blue to pink. They’re also mostly worn at night, which makes them an iconic fashion statement during the flower power era. Today, it’s making quite a comeback as a novelty fashion item. It takes a lot of confidence to wear these unique sunglasses, though, and not all face shapes are flattered by the round frame.

Who can wear them?


Oval faced individuals are extremely lucky because they can wear just about any type of frame for their sunglasses. This facial shape would also look very good with round Disco Sunglasses. Other facial shapes that would look attractive in disco glasses include diamond shapes, oblong shapes, and rectangle-shaped faces. Round-shaped individuals won’t look very attractive in disco glasses because the frame shape might make their faces look plumper.


Extraordinary additions


Because these are novelty items, manufacturers have amped the ante and added extra accessories to the usual Disco glasses. Some of these glasses have tiny disco balls hanging from the temples or the arms of the sunglasses. Others have blinking LED lights around them. Your choice of disco glasses would depend on your personality. Chic ones would probably prefer the plainer vintage versions with colors that match their club outfit. Natural party clowns would wear disco glasses with blinking LED lights and disco balls. It’s really a matter of personal preference.


Where should you wear them?


You can wear plain disco balls at any party. It’s the perfect accessory for you if you’ve been meaning to seem more mysterious, or if you’d like to watch someone on the dance floor without them actually knowing you’re looking. During New Year’s Eve, it would be fun to wear LED Disco Glasses with your friends. For these ultra-novelty accessories, you might not even have to worry about your facial shape because you’re wearing them simply to have some fun.