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Have a Mad Party with Disco Glasses-Rave Ideas!

Have a Mad Party with Disco Glasses-Rave Ideas!

Are you looking for ways give your party its much-needed edge? You might want to consider Disco Glasses. These are cool treats for your guests especially if you’re pushing for a disco theme. Tap on the wild spirit of the 70s and go wild with these Disco sunglasses.

Not really for the sun


Perhaps the term “disco sunglasses” is a misnomer because while they do resemble your regular sunglasses, they’re not exactly used for protection against UV rays. These disco sunglasses are used as party favors to help guests loosen up and be kids again. You’ll see a variety of these online, some with LED lights on the frame, and a wide range of frame shape and styles. The possibilities are endless with these disco sunglasses. People love to include them in New Year’s Eve parties, but no one’s stopping you from using these cool trinkets for a bridal shower or a birthday bash.


Bachelorette masks


These disco sunglasses can replace your old bachelorette masks. They’re more comfortable too because they can be work the same way you’d wear your regular sunglasses. If disguising yourself is the point, though, you might want to keep your lens choices to basic black. Some disco sunglasses, because they’re meant to be work at night, have very light almost sepia lenses. Choose oversized ones and don’t be afraid you’d look goofy in them. If everyone else is wearing the same type of glasses, goofy eventually translates to fun.


Halloween masks


If your Halloween party is more cool than ghoulish, these disco eye pieces are the best guest accessories. If you’re hosting a Lady Gaga inspired Halloween party, you can go crazy with a wide variety of disco sunglasses—some with lights, some with unlit frames. Give your guests the option to be mysterious and go with dark shades, or be cool with near-transparent ones. Tap into your inner child and be as wacky as you can. There are disco sunglasses which are oval-shapes, some with Wayfarer-inspired frames, and still others with heart- or star-shapes. Go crazy with these choices.


Choose your supplier


You’ll be purchasing 20 or more pieces of these disco sunglasses for parties and buying by bulk is always tricky. You need to make sure that your supplier can be trusted. You should have the option to return defective goods with new items or your money back. You should inspect every single piece of your disco sunglasses to make sure that there are no defects on the frames or handles, and that the LED lights (if they have LED lights in the design) are all working.


Shipment arrangements should also cover the protection of the goods, and the possibility of transport losses. Don’t settle for the cheapest supplier in the market. Go for one with a good reputation.


Style basics


The beauty of wearing disco glasses is that you can throw style out the window. The point is to be as bizarre-looking and fun as possible. You don’t have to think about which frames look best on what face shape. All you have to do is to have enough types of disco sunglasses on your favors table and let your guests choose which sunglasses they would like to wear from the lot. 

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