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How Look-a-like sunglasses can give you a bang for your buck

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Did you know that you can look like your favorite celebrities simply by sporting the sunglasses they’re wearing for the season? It doesn’t have to cost you so much money. While the authentic designer pieces can cost a fortune, imitations of the said sunglasses are very affordable. You just need to know which styles suit you best, and what types of retailers to choose. Soon, you’ll be as attractive as your favorite celebrities, and you’ll be surprised at how cheap the effort will cost you.

Make a list


The first thing you have to do is to come up with a list of sunglasses style you really like. You can do this by browsing the internet. Would you like Victoria Beckham’s style? Save the image in your computer and find out what the sunglass style is called. What about Angelina Jolie’s picks? Do you admire Rhianna’s latest pair of sunglasses? List as many celebrity sunglasses you can find so you’ll have lots to choose from later on. Remember, you’ll be crossing out a lot from this list based on availability, the price of the imitations, and the style’s suitability to your own facial features.


Face inspection


Now that you have a list of the types of sunglasses you admire, it’s time to face the music. While these sunglasses might have done a stellar job in enhancing your favorite celebrity’s face, it might not be the best style for you. This is why you need to have backup. Ignore the list first and hold a mirror up to your face. Inspect it from up close and be very honest about your assessment. If you’re not honest with your assessment, you might not find the best celebrity sunglasses for your face.


Is your face large or small? Is it round or angular? Is it long, wide, or oval? Those who have small to medium oval faces are very lucky. They can sport any of the celebrity sunglasses in their list. All they have to do is find the best retailer. This is because oval faces are very balanced. They would look good with any sunglass shape and size. Angular, round, long, and wide faces, on the other hand, can’t wear some sunglasses because these sunglasses might not enhance the best of their features.


The key here is to find a balance. If you already have a long face, you need sunglasses which draw attention to the side instead of the length of your face. Choose cat eye and Wayfarer inspired imitation glasses. If you have a round face, something that slims or elongates your cheeks works best. The Aviator should be your number one choice. If you have a long face, you need to cut across the length of your face by choosing cat eye, Wayfarer, and straight visor lenses. Those who have angular faces will benefit from rounded lenses.


If your face is a bit large compared to your companions either because of fat mass or your bone structure, you should dodge small lenses. Those who have small face areas should also avoid oversized retro-vintage glasses as these could swallow up their features.