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How to Match Sunglasses with your Outfit

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Those who fancy their eyewear know too well that not all sunglasses are created equal. A pair of sunglasses can look good on some people even when they don’t on others. Yet the same pair of sunglasses can also look great, depending on what you’re wearing.

We all know that sunglasses, aside from protecting your eyes from the sun, is an accessory. And as an accessory, it has to fit your main outfit properly for it to look good. That’s why learning how to match sunglasses with your outfit is very important.

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how to match sunglasses with your outfits, there are some things that will help you figure out the right match.


Color. This is perhaps the most basic when it comes to making matches for any aspect of clothing. Whether you’re talking about the clothes themselves, your bags, shoes, and, of course, your sunglasses, there’s got to be some purposive matching of colors. Mixing them up too much might make your outfit look ridiculous while keeping with one color, albeit a safe choice, can be an uncreative one, making you look dull.


A good trick to make a good match of colors is to pick one color in your outfit (i.e. either color of your shirt or your pants) and match that color with your sunglasses. But if you’re not too sure about how to match sunglasses with your outfit yet, neutral colors like white or black are pretty good choices.


Tones. If you can’t find the exact match of color, getting sunglasses that match the overall tone of your outfit might help. You can opt for a blend, such as when you wear dark toned sunglasses with an overall dark toned outfit, or you can go contrasting by getting an opposite tone.


Subtle Matches. Let’s say for example that you don’t know how to match sunglasses with your outfit because you don’t have a pair with correct colors or tones to go with it, what do you do? The answer is to match your sunglasses with accessories. A green colored watch, for instance can make your green sunglasses fit right into your outfit, regardless of the color of your clothes. This kind of consistency, more often than not, is pleasing to the eyes.


Keep a collection. To prevent the situation above from happening, you might also want to keep a collection of sunglasses so that you wouldn’t end up not knowing how to match sunglasses with your outfit. Have some for different occasions and also ones that are neutral, just to be sure. After all, if you’re used to wearing sunglasses you’re not going to like going out without one just because you can’t find the right pair, which leads us to the last tip.


Have neutral sunglasses. Black is always a safe choice. Enough said. So keep a pair with you while you’re still not an expert on how to match sunglasses with your outfit.