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How to Wear Vintage Sunglasses Well: Be Stylish, not awkward

How to Wear Vintage Sunglasses Well: Be Stylish, not awkward

Vintage sunglasses always find themselves in the season’s fashion palette. If you browse through fashion trends for the past three years, they’re not as modern as people thought they would be a few decades ago. Year 2000 and later actually went back to the oldies but goodies. You’d see the old Aviators and Wayfarers making a comeback. The so-called “unusual” frames are also highly reminiscent of the 50s and 60s styles.

What to wear


The hardest part about wearing vintage sunglasses is that most of them are a bit loud. Printed frames are a little problematic on the fashion department because you need to either wear the same prints, or plainer clothes so that the colors and the prints of your sunglasses won’t clash with the details of your clothing.


Wayfarer comebacks with solid-colored frames are probably the easiest to pull off because they can go well with almost any outfit. They can even look cute in a black dress (imagine Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s). What you really need to remember, in general, is that your pair of sunglasses is an accessory. You need to make sure that they go well with the clothes you’re wearing. Balance is the key. If you think your clothes are already too loud, pair it off with a more understated pair of sunglasses. Any style of sunglasses would look good with a white tee and jeans ensemble.


Facial shape


You also take into account your facial shape. Not all trendy sunglasses look good on all facial shapes. The friendliest style today is the Wayfarer, but even that one would be dependent on the frame size. Make sure the frame size and shape compliment your best features. Your face shouldn’t look like it’s too swallowed up by the frames of your sunglasses. Look at the frame shape too. Is your face oblong or long? Then you need to choose a vintage frame that would attract more attention horizontally. Cat eye designs with embellishments at the temple really work. Those who have round faces would benefit too from more angular frame designs. They should stay away from the John Lennon circular frames, and the oval frames which could make their faces appear even rounder.


High quality imitations


Consider purchasing high quality lookalike designer sunglasses. These are great ways for you to stay in fashion without drying up your funds. Just make sure that the quality of these products is still top-of-the-line. There are actually imitations in the market which look very closely like the original. You can also choose from designs which are not exact copies but are derived from popular designer sunglasses. For example, Wayfarers which are slightly larger than the original but would suit bigger facial frames. There are also Aviator-inspired sunglasses which have fancier metal frames. Most women prefer these designs because it gives them more personality as well.


Personality is also something you should consider when choosing your set of sunglasses. Whether it’s bold or understated, be faithful to your own personal style. Fashion is a good way for you to express yourself. Don’t be limited by fashion rules. 

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