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John Lennon Sunglasses

John Lennon Sunglasses

Technically they’re round sunglasses, but many people have come to like these kinds of sunglasses because they were sported by the Beatles member, John Lennon. Hence, they’re fondly referred to by many as John Lennon Sunglasses. They’re very hard to find and even harder to fit into. That’s because perfectly round frames don’t exactly compliment every single kind of face there is. It takes the right shape of the face, the right pair of these John Lennon sunglasses, and a little bit of luck, to find the one that will suit you best.

It’s pretty basic to remember though that these John Lennon Sunglasses are ideal for those with more corners on the face.  That way, the sunglasses will contrast the wearer’s face really well. Of course, some faces with rounded features can still wear these kinds of sunglasses, but it will take some other measure to pull off.


The main part of the John Lennon sunglasses that varies is really the lens itself. This is because the specific kind of sunglasses John Lennon liked to wear had pretty thin frames, leaving little to no room for designing, except that the metal frames themselves can vary in color but only slightly. Some frames could be gold, silver, or black.


Going back to the lenses,  there are a wide variety of colors to actually choose from. Die hard fans of the Beatles would opt for the regular black ones, although they are the safest choice of all the others. For those who wish to sport something a bit more colorful, rose or blue colored round sunglasses could be for you. There are also those that have lighter shades such as those with yellow frames.


The John Lennon Sunglasses could also vary in terms of the temples or the side parts. You have the regular ones, but those who want something different can opt for the rounded or curly ones to add more style to the sides. There are temples that are thicker than usual, while others have colored tips.


Another interesting variation of the John Lennon sunglasses are the flip-up types. You can flip up the outermost lens of the sunglasses to reveal a lighter colored one. It’s a pretty cool feature, actually, because it allows for variety from a single pair.


John Lennon sunglasses are perfect for young professionals who want something to accent their formal casual wear. They’re pretty good for afternoon drives or hanging out at coffee shops. The nature of these sunglasses have a firm but nonetheless stylish appeal to them.


Here’s a fun fact: these John Lennon Sunglasses - apart from the obvious round sunglasses - are also known as Tea-shades, and they are sported by many other artists, such as Liam Gallagher, Ozzy Osbourne, and Mary Kate Olsen.


It takes a while to find the right pair for yourself, but it’s definitely worth the search.