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Metal Sunglasses vs. Plastic Ones: Which one is closer to your style?

Metal Sunglasses vs. Plastic Ones: Which one is closer to your style?

When it comes to sunglasses, you basically have two frame choices these days. You can choose sunglasses with metal frames. These are Aviators and other rectangular sunglasses. Of course, there are also angular sunglasses made with plastic frames. These are mostly Wayfarers and other oversized sunglasses which have prints or bright colors on their plastic frames. Most men prefer metal frames because for them, these look sleeker and more masculine. Undeniable, more feminine designs can be found on lines with plastic frames.

Tarnishing and denting


The only downside to metal sunglasses is the possibility that the frames would tarnish. Choose your metals well, and try to get metal bases which bear their natural color. Silver metal frames, as they’re most likely made from aluminum, can tarnish easily when they’re left in humid places. If you sit on your sunglasses, place a heavy object on top of it, or if you accidentally bump it against a hard surface, these metal frames are most likely to dent too.


Seamlessness vs. contrast


It’s possible to create a “seamless” effect with sunglasses if their frames are metal because metal frames are slimmer. It’s more challenging to create the seamless look for plastic sunglasses. Seamlessness is made when the color of the lens is nearly identical to the color of the frame. At the same time, though, the quality of the contrast is also affected by the thickness of the frame. This is why some people prefer plastic sunglasses while others prefer metal ones. For contrasting frames and lenses, you should consider plastic sunglasses if you would like the contrast to be more pronounced, or metal sunglasses if you would like a more subtle contrast.


Personal preference


The choice between metal sunglasses and plastic ones is really a matter of personal preference. Just because it was said here that metal sunglasses are more masculine then plastic ones doesn’t mean that women should only wear plastic ones, or men, metal ones. Metal sunglasses just give a more “Rock” and tough impression while plastic sunglasses create a softer impression when you look at them.


Of course, it would still all boil down to how well the sunglasses style looks on your face. You’ll find that designer sunglasses can carry a hefty price tag, which is very inconvenient especially if you’re experimenting with various styles. What you should do is try imitation metal sunglasses, or imitation plastic sunglasses to stay in style without breaking your wallet.


Look for a trusted retailer who can give you good deals with these sunglasses. These lookalikes won’t disappoint you as long as you know you’re dealing with a retailer who crafts imitations with high quality metals and plastics. The lens quality shouldn’t be compromised, either. They shouldn’t break so easily, and should still protect you from UV rays.


Alignments and screws


Look at the screws well, and see if the sunglasses are level by laying them on top of your table. Wear them and see if the nose bridge rests are stable. Retailers should give you a money-back guarantee if these standards aren’t met. Don’t always go for the cheapest option there is in the market when it comes to imitation metal and plastic sunglasses. You should also look for quality. 

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