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Nerd Glasses: Sporting the Cool Nerd Look

Nerd Glasses: Sporting the Cool Nerd Look

Nerd glasses are basically spectacles which have exceptionally thick frames. If you’re thinking of the black-framed glasses your librarian sports, or wacky red ones which make the fact that you’re wearing glasses much more prominent, you’ve got it right. Two decades ago, wearing these nerd glasses was detrimental to your social health in high school but now, preppy is cool and everyone, with or without poor eyesight, wants to wear them. How do you pull off the nerdy look? What makes nerdy glasses look cool?

Think like a nerdy musician


Nerd glasses are “in” now because of musicians like Lisa Loeb and Ingrid Michaelson. These musicians make the librarian profession look oh-so-sexy. If you have the personality (and the right blend of eccentricity) to pull off their look, then nerd glasses should definitely be on top of your list. Nerd glasses don’t heighten the look of women, exclusively, though. If you’re male and you’d like to add a little mystery to your emo getup, you might want to consider getting nerdy glasses as well. Think GreenDay and other bands which pull off the half-skater boy, half-nerd look and you’re on the right path.


What sets apart the cool nerd from the real nerd-nerd, though, is the attitude. These nerd glasses are fashion statements, first of all. You’re trying to declare that you don’t have to be a jock or a cheerleader to be cool in high school. When you wear these nerd glasses, you should wear them with pride—and pair them off with cool preppy getups so you don’t seem like you’re just a push-over. You happen to be a cute nerd. Beauty and brains is your thing.


Plastic frames spell nerd glasses


All nerd glasses solid have plastic frames because plastic frames are more pronounced than metal ones. You’re not ashamed that you’re wearing nerd glasses. You’re actually trying to get people to notice that you’re wearing them. Now, because it’s been such a strong and successful fashion statement for the past two years, some people don’t really have grades in their eyes but choose to wear these nerd glasses just the same.


If this is the case, then wearing designer nerd glasses might be a pricy fashion choice. If you’re smart, you’ll go for imitations instead. There are plenty of imitation nerd glasses in the market and they cost a small fraction of what branded ones would. You can buy brown, black, white and red frames and pick the frame of your choosing depending on your outfit.


Just make sure that you choose a trusted imitation nerd glasses retailer especially if you’re ordering these pieces online. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed because you’ve found that the plastic frame wasn’t properly aligned, or the nose bridge rests are too uncomfortable. As much as possible, you should look for retailers which have good reviews from previous clients. If you’re dealing with the retailer for the first time, inquire about money-back guarantees just in case the products didn’t meet your expectations. This way, you know you didn’t waste any of your money by purchasing nerd glasses from their store.

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