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Oversized Sunglasses: Your Guide to Style

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One of Hollywood’s most favorite fashion statement is a pair of oversized glasses. The big screen has seen stars like Victoria Beckham and Nicole Ritchie sporting these big lenses for decades. They’re definitely a mainstay when it comes to eye-wear, but how can you be so sure that that specific pair of oversized glasses is right for you? Take note of your facial shape.

Round faces: The trick is in the contrast. For round faces, choose oversized frames that break the circular shape of your face. Go for square or rectangular frames because these produce a somewhat slimming effect.


Oblong faces: On the other hand, women with oblong faces should wear frames that have strong details at the temples. This plies the attention from the length of your face. Oversized cat eye or wayfarer glasses are the best designs for this facial shape.


Diamond Shape: If you have a diamond shaped face, this means that you have a strong jaw- and chin line. You can soften your face and make it look more feminine by wearing oversized round or oval sunglasses. These sunglasses would also make your forehead and chin broader.


Oval Face Shape: You’re lucky if you have an oval-shaped face. The symmetry of your face makes it ideal for absolutely any type of oversized lenses. Go from aviator sunglasses to a more adventurous wayfarer or cat eye. Square lenses would also look good on you so you can be as adventurous as you can with your fashion picks.


Caring for your Sunglasses  


If you’re purchasing designer oversized sunglasses, then you better know how to take care of them. Keep them in their proper containers when they’re not in use. Aviator sunglasses need special attention because their metal frames only run through the upper portion of their lenses. Keep these in hard cases when you’re not wearing them because the slightest abrasion can ruin a perfectly good pair of lenses.