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Party Sunglasses for all Ages: Choosing your Stylish Giveaways

Party Sunglasses for all Ages: Choosing your Stylish Giveaways

Never mind hats or useless plastic trinkets that no one would notice, anyway. The life of the party comes from party sunglasses. No matter how old you are, whether you’re three or thirty three, party sunglasses are always great giveaways especially for themed parties.

Determining your audience


To get the best party sunglasses, determine your guest’s age group. Will you be entertaining mostly adults or a mix of children and adults? For a mixed crowd, you might want to order separate batches of party sunglasses. You can choose colorful frames with different lens shapes for party sunglasses for kids. Adults can have more stylish and uniform white sunglasses. This mix would go very well for a family reunion by the pool or at the beach. Of course, you can order wacky shapes for both the kids and the adults should “wacky” be the theme of your party.


Thematic parties


Birthdays are tricky because you can have just about any theme you like for your celebration. However, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Breast Cancer Prevention Month, and other celebrations are a bit easier to plan because they already have pre-disposed icons and colors to their name. You might want to order pink frames for Breast Cancer Prevention month, for example, or heart-shaped frames for a dating party. Star shaped party sunglasses are also good to have if you’re celebrating the birthday of someone who dreams of becoming a Hollywood star.


These little details might seem minor at first, but once all of the guests are wearing their party gear and it’s time for the photo op, you’d be glad you took the trouble to think of all of these things.


Night parties


Party sunglasses are not only for daytime parties or poolside and beachside ones. During the New Year’s Eve and Halloween parties, you’ll find these party sunglasses as well. Party sunglasses for night time parties are different, though. Some of them have transparent lenses or no lenses at all. What they do pronounce are the frames, though. You can choose glow in the dark sunglasses of sunglasses with LED frames for these night parties. It adds a wacky but stylish edge to your night party.


Fashion rules and retailer guides


The usual fashion rules when it comes to choosing sunglasses are thrown out the window when it comes to party sunglasses so don’t be afraid of wacky designs. Feel free to choose uniform wacky sunglasses for adults during almost any celebration you can think of. It can even be a marathon which would raise funds that’s set, for example, during April Fool’s Eve. Help your guests enjoy themselves by making them feel like kids again, unmindful of poise and social graces. Party sunglasses bring out the kid in almost every individual. You can serve chic cosmopolitans in your party and still act have fun the way little children do with wacky party sunglasses at night.  


Remember that you’ll be buying party sunglasses by bulk, so it’s extra challenging to monitor every single piece’s quality. You might want to choose a retailer with good testimonials from past customers, or someone who offers replacement guarantees if any of the sunglasses are defective. 

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