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Round Sunglasses

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses have become quite common for those who prefer the more creative and laid back look. The absence of corners on the frames often give the impression of flexibility and smoothness. This is why this type of sunglasses are often sported by musicians like John Lennon, and the members of the Beatles. They’ve also been known to be the choice of actresses like Miley Cyrus.

But round sunglasses aren’t exactly always circle. They’re better described as the type of sunglasses with rounded features. The roundness is usually featured on the lens itself, while the frames have more liberal but still rounded shapes. That’s why some of these sunglasses might look more oval or slightly square outward, but the roundness becomes more prominent inward.


Therefore, the variety among round sunglasses revolve around the frames. The vintage round frames, for instance, are those with a thing metal or plastic frames, designed to completely expose the rounded lens. This type of sunglasses center its design on the circular lens itself. It’s sleek and works well for those going for the professional look, especially for men.


Cat eye frames, on the other hand, have frames that have points at the tip of each eye such that they look like the eyes of a cat, which is how it got its name. This design of round sunglasses are very feminine and usually work great for women who want to sport a professional but chic look.


And then we have the really large frames surrounding the circular lens of the round sunglasses. This is ideal for those who want to go to the beach or enjoy outdoor activities because they usually match the outfits worn in these events.


Because contrast is always a good rule to follow in wearing sunglasses, those with less rounded or circular faces are more suited to wear round sunglasses. The more corners and edges the face has, the more rounded the sunglasses should be. But this isn’t exactly a hard science. Many round-faced individuals have been known to pull off really great round sunglasses.


There are round sunglasses with printed frames, and the designs on these frames usually feature non-round shapes for contrast. This is a good choice for round-faced individuals who want to sport round sunglasses.


Another interesting variety for this type of sunglasses are those with half-rims and flip ups. Half-rim sunglasses are those with frames that cover the upper half of the round lens. This is also done to add more corners to the round sunglasses, which has a very interesting effect. Flip ups, on the other hand, are the type of eyewear that will allow you to pull up the lens, either to reveal a lighter colored lens or to simply lift up the lens for a less obstructed view.


Round sunglasses are pretty cool to have once you find the right pair. It’s great for casual fashion as well as outdoor sunny events. Everyone should have at least one pair to wear for the right occasion.

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