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Should you Wear Oversized Sunglasses: from Style Victim to Style Genius

Should you Wear Oversized Sunglasses: from Style Victim to Style Genius

Is your face shape and size suited for oversized sunglasses? For the past three years or so, oversized sunglasses have invaded the market. Almost all of the prominent brands have showcased their own tale on the oversized specs trend. Just because it’s trendy, though, doesn’t mean you should hop right into the bandwagon. Think carefully. Will your oversized pair really flatter your face, or will you just look like a hapless fashion victim?

Facial size


The first think you should do is to compare your face’s size with your peers’ faces. Is it relatively small or would you say you have a bigger face area compared to the others? It’s not advisable for you to wear oversized glasses if you have a small face. The oversized frames can swallow up your face and you’ll just end up looking silly, not stylish.


Oversized sunglasses flatter those with generally bigger faces. Take note, though, that this doesn’t automatically translate to puffy cheeks and large foreheads. You can have a well-defined jaw line and still be considered to have a large facial area. You can also have puffy cheeks, but because of your small bone structure, your face can still be considered small.


Oval faces with medium to large faces look great with almost any style of sunglasses. If you have an angular or round face, you may want to be picky with your frame’s shape.


Frame and facial shape


If you don’t have a small face and you would like to try out oversized sunglasses, you should next consider your face shape. There’s actually no exact science to picking the right frame shape and most people pick their frames by trial and error when they shop from brick-and-mortar stores. If you’re shopping online, though, you’re more likely to base your decisions on these little fashion rules.


The first thing you should do is to sit down and determine honestly what face shape you have. Look at the mirror and see what parts of your face look wider or narrower. Would you consider your face an oval, square, inverted triangle, oblong, or round? Ovals have it easy because their face shape is so well-balanced. Any sunglasses style would look good on them. If you have a rectangular face, you should stay away from frames which have a lot of angles too. Stick to rounded frames to give your face more softness.


If you have a round face, though, don’t go for round oversized glasses. While the size of the sunglasses could produce a slimming effect on your face, the shape won’t. Choose angular ones. The cat eye frame or the Wayfarer is the best choice. If you have a long or oblong face, stay away from frames which attract too much vertical attention to your face. Cut the length of your face down with a Wayfarer or a cat eye. Stay away from Aviators because the lenses droop, and it could emphasize the length of your face. You’d want a frame which is more flattering.  

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