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Space Sunglasses

Space Sunglasses

Minimalist frames, mono lenses, and a sleek, metallic look are what make up the space sunglasses. Basically, these are sunglasses that give or a cool, futuristic or technological appeal to the wearer. Imagine Star Trek or some other science fiction concept and the kind of eyewear that they have, and you’ll get a good idea.

But of course, these space sunglasses won’t look strictly like the ones you see in movies because most of them will be designed to fit most popular styles in the real world, so you can expect to see some sunglass designs that have an outer space feel to them but can still match your down to earth clothes. Examples of such designs include the cycling sunglasses that are great for athletes, and the space wayfarers that have lenses that are designed to look like there’s only one lens instead of two.


But for those who really want to stand out and look different, don’t worry, because there are actually sunglasses that have the super futuristic designs that you will love. Examples of such novel designs are the disco sunglasses with colored mirror lenses and the space cadet sunglasses. These are guaranteed to get heads turning, great for parties and some special events.


One of the distinct characteristics of the typical space sunglasses is that they are usually wraparounds, so they fit snugly around your eyes. This means they’re less likely to fall off your face. But this also means you need to make sure that the sunglasses fit you, because unlike other types of sunglasses, one size doesn’t always fit all.


Another thing to remember about these space sunglasses is that they usually sport solid colors around their frames which, in turn, are usually large or at least thick enough to stand out. This means that unless you’re opting for a black type of space sunglasses, you’ll want to make sure that your sunglasses match with some part of your outfit, either directly or subtly with some other accessory.


Now, many people will think that space sunglasses have UV lenses because of their cool and futuristic look, but that isn’t always the case. Much like other sunglasses, you’ll want to check if the ones you’re picking out have UV protection, if that’s what you’re looking for.


An interesting fact about these space sunglasses is that they are usually the design of choice for manufacturers of digital eyewear like Google Glass. And while most space sunglasses can’t do what these gadgets can, it does show that the futuristic look is going to be a trend.


You don’t always need to look like a space cadet to sport that futuristic look. There are lots of space sunglasses out there that are rendered and designed to suit your own style perfectly, if you just know which online stores to look.

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