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Sunglasses Trends 2014

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Sunglasses Trends 2014

Most people don’t really know it, but those who wear sunglasses are, in one way or another, part of a trend. Whether you’re into geeky shades or large aviators, you’re wearing them either because you want it to catch on or you’re supporting an existing trend. Sunglasses, after all, are more accessories than they are necessity (but they are still pretty useful).

So getting to know the latest trends is important if eyewear matters to you. And since the spring and summer of 2014, there have been some well established trends coming out so far. These are definitely trends you’ll want to watch out for.

The Instagram Look. Stock up on tinted and filtered sunwear, because that’s what this look is all about. The trend got its name from the social network which allowed photos to be filtered. So this is one of the sunglasses trends 2014 that allow you to see the world in a “filtered” view. Look for sunglasses that are rosy tinted for a red colored view, and go for gold-tinted ones for something a bit more sepia.


For this sunglasses trends 2014, it’s more ideal to go for the sunglasses with a vintage frame and design, because most of the filters in the Instagram Look does make everything look like they’re from the 80’s.


The Math Look. When you hear the word math, numbers come to mind. But they’re about angles too, and that’s where this particular bit from the sunglasses trends 2014 is all about. Were talking about triangular, square, and even hexagonal shaped sunglasses, or pretty much any shape you’ll encounter in geometry class.


As far as colors go, the Math Look opts for simplicity. Go for neutral, solid colors with a matte finish. This will give the whole look a professional or industrial feel to it, compared to the flashier, shinier kinds of sunglasses.


The Aquatic Look. If you like shades of blue, then this is one of the sunglasses trends 2014 that you should follow. This look focuses on all sorts of blue, including turquoise and teal, coupled with glass-textured frames for the ultimate aquatic look. Some types of sunglasses have a floating lens effect, and this fits right into the trend.


Frames in this look are somewhat simple but unique in their own way. You’ll want the ones with a transparent design and color because they fit right into the oceanic look.


The Garden Look. What about other colors? Well, this particular look focuses more on earthy colors like pink, green and shades common to most flowers. It’s great for accessorizing spring or garden fashion, such as clothes that have floral designs on them. Girls will also want to wear these with anything that has butterflies on them. You can go creative with frames and opt for those with sparkles or studs on this bit in the sunglasses trends  2014.

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