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Tips on Wearing Colorful Sunglasses

Tips on Wearing Colorful Sunglasses

The usual color for lenses is black or gray, but some people think it’s too bleak, so designers have come up with ways to heighten the fashion hype in sunglasses. You’ll see celebrities, ordinary people, and even kids sporting colorful sunglasses. Sunglass lenses now come in a variety of colors with the more conservative ones in shades of yellow, brown, or sepia. You’ll also see shades of blue, green, violet, and pink, though. The options are limitless. So how do you know which pair of colorful sunglasses to pick off the rack?

Look at the lenses like eye shadows


The easiest way to choose the right pair of colorful sunglasses is to look at them like eye shadow palettes. Which hue of lenses would make your skin look really good? For most, the smartest choice is brown because it also flatters their hair color. Sepia or brown lenses also look more casual compared to black lenses. If your favorite colors are pink, blue, or green, then there’s no harm in being a little more adventurous.


Look at your clothes


While it’s not necessary for your to match the color of your clothes with your sunglasses, wearing blue lenses with clothes that go well with the color blue gives your style a more organic or unified feel to it. Pink lenses would look good on white and brown clothes, too, so don’t be afraid of picking bold colors for your lenses.


More aesthetic than function


These colorful lenses are really designed for aesthetic purposes, though, than they are for function. If you’re looking for shades that would efficiently protect your eyes from the rays of the sun, then black is still your best option. As a matter of fact, some hues like yellows and pinks are so light, they can be worn indoors. They don’t really have any effect. Brown lenses are good alternatives to black lenses, but you better pick one with a dark brown hue if you live in an extremely sunny country. 

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