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Wearing White Sunglasses for Summer

Wearing White Sunglasses for Summer

Are you looking for an eyewear that screams out summertime? If you are, then you should get white sunglasses. These usually come in plastic frames, and wayfarers are the most popular design, but if you want variety, there are also other lens shapes to choose from.

Round faces


For people with round faces, white sunglasses with rectangular frames should do the trick. This breaks the wideness of the face to make it slightly more balanced and slimmer. People with round faces should stay away from John Lennon glasses and oversized white frames with circular shapes. This would only make their faces plumper.


Oblongs and rectangular faces


If you have a long face, you might want to take the attention away from the distance between your forehead and your chin. To balance your face, you can wear white sunglasses that have cat eye or wayfarer lenses. These have details at the temples which could attract other people’s visions to the sides of your face instead of your chin or your forehead.


John Lennon or Round White Frames


If you have a strong jaw line or a diamond-shaped face, one way to soften the angles up is to wear round sunglasses with white frames. These are often called John Lennon frames because the music icon wore these frames all the time. If you’re wearing plastic-framed Lennon sunglasses, though, the effect might be too feminine.


Can men wear white framed sunglasses?


There’s certainly no rule saying that men can’t and shouldn’t wear white rimmed sunglasses. It’s just that white frames have a softer, lighter vibe that most men might feel uncomfortable wearing white frames. For the sophisticated woman, though, nothing completes a summer outfit better than white framed sunglasses.


If you happen to be a male, and you’re afraid of the social ramifications behind wearing white framed glasses, just think of it this way: once upon a time, pink shirts were considered too feminine for “real” men. Now, the average guy wouldn’t think twice about wearing this color.  

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