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What are Mirrored Sunglasses? Pros and Cons of Polarized Glasses

What are Mirrored Sunglasses? Pros and Cons of Polarized Glasses

Have you seen mirrored glasses on display windows? These are sunglasses which have polarized lenses. Much like mirrors, these lenses have a silver layer which blocks the light from passing through the lens, so only the wearer of the sunglasses can see the other side. No translucent silhouette of the wearer’s eyes can be seen by people who are looking at the wearer.



Polarized glasses are popular for those who wear sunglasses while driving. These mirrored sunglasses give double the protection. By not allowing even the brightest of the sun’s rays to pass through its lenses, it protects drivers from blinding glares caused by the sun’s reflection on vehicle wind shields and metal surfaces. For those who are going for the modern look, the mirrored sunglasses also give that effect.




For some people, women in particular, mirrored sunglasses might not be the right style. Generally, people who wear polarized glasses for driving have another pair of sunglasses inside the dashboard which they wear once they’re out of the car. Of course, for some people, polarized glasses are still stylish. It’s really all a matter of style. However, polarized sunglasses also scratch easily which is why stylish or not, these sunglasses are seldom worn when people aren’t driving. If you have polarized sunglasses in your car, make sure you keep it inside protective cases. Use the special cloth to wipe off dust or smudges on the lenses. Don’t use any other cloth types because the friction with the fabrics can create hairline scratches on your mirrored sunglasses.


Imitation sunglasses


Designer sunglasses have mirrored lens designs in their lines but these sunglasses can have hefty price tags. If you’re a wise shopper, you’d go for credible retailers who sell imitation mirrored sunglasses. These sunglasses are very similar to the designer sunglasses you’d see in the malls. If there are discrepancies in their designs, it’s only to dodge the patents. Don’t be too worried about that, though, because when people look at your sunglasses, they hardly look at the fine details.


The important thing is that these imitation mirrored sunglasses look great on your face. Apply the rule of balance. If your face is a bit too round, go for rectangular frames, or frames which would give your face more length. If your face is a bit on the long side, go for frame designs with embellishment on the temples.


Oval-shaped faces have it easy because they can wear just about any frame shape they wish. You might want to wear visor style designs as well, as these are the most common with mirrored sunglasses. The most flattering, though, are mirrored Aviators which aren’t just suitable for driving but for flying aircrafts and cruising as well.


Are you tempted to purchase imitation mirrored sunglasses which are unusually big? Look at your face size closely first, especially if you’re purchasing these online. You don’t want mirrored sunglasses which are too big for your face. Ideally, the lens part is only supposed to cover your eye area. Oversized designs look good on people with medium to big face sizes though.