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Winging Colorful Sunglasses: Summer’s Best Accessories

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During the warm season’s, the best accessories you can ask for are colorful sunglasses. There are quite a number of these in the market—from Aviators with color-tinted lenses to Wayfarers with colorful frames. The key is to splash the warm season with a lot of bright colors.

Matching your colorful glasses


It can be pretty challenging, though, to match these colorful sunglasses with your clothes. That is unless you plan to wear all white the entire season—which is a good plan if you’ve nowhere else to go but the beach. However, it could make for a monotonous closet for other errands. What you can do, though, is to take a good look at your set of summer clothes. What colors of sunglasses would look good on these clothes? Are they your absolute favorites? Do you think you can use them again next year?


If you’re thinking of branded sunglasses only, buying more than three colors for the summer can seem a bit hefty. Don’t worry because there are plenty of imitation designer sunglasses sporting colorful lenses and/or frames. You can buy as many pieces are you want to make sure that you’re in style this season and your funds won’t go dry.


Choosing your style


The thing with colorful sunglasses is that you need to make sure these glasses really look good on you. They just seem to attract more attention than the usual brown, black and white sunglasses. Look at your facial shape closely. Are you choosing the right frame shape? Will the pair of sunglasses create balance in your face?


If you think your face is a bit long, try to pick frame shapes which draw more horizontal attention. Those with embellishments at the temple really work well. You should avoid Aviators because these sunglasses draw attention downwards.


Aviators create balance in round faces. Of course those with oval-shaped faces can wear just about everything. If you have an angular face, you might want to skip the square and rectangular frames and choose the rounder ones instead. These will soften up your face.


Lens and frame colors are also vital. You don’t want to choose colors which would make your skin look sallow or too gray. Never mind your clothes’ colors. If you don’t look too good on some colors, you might want to stick to neutral tones (brown, white and black).




Just because you’re purchasing imitations doesn’t mean that you should settle for quality that’s lower than you paid for. Check the screws and the quality of the plastic or metal frames. The lenses should also have UV protection otherwise you’re defeating the purpose of sunglasses.


If there are embellishments on the sunglasses, make sure they’re properly adhered to the frames or legs of the sunglasses. Check the proportions by laying your sunglasses on a level surface. Are the lenses even? Wear it and check your reflection in the mirror. Are the nose bridge rests stable? Check for comfort as well. The lenses shouldn’t make you feel dizzy. They should allow you to have a clear vision, especially if you’re planning to wear these while driving.