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Winging Nerd Sunglasses with the Right Style

Winging Nerd Sunglasses with the Right Style

Did you think the Wayfarer was the only style which passed the plastic frame test? Think again. Preppy is in and with that style comes nerd sunglasses. These aren’t transparent, fake reading glasses with plastic frames. These are their sunglasses version, complete with colored tints, dark tints, polarized tints, etc. The frame style is very popular these days especially among college kids who sport the quite musician vibe more than the jock or cheerleader vibe of yesteryears.

Now it’s cool to be a nerd


We live now in a year where Glee Club is fast-becoming cool, and nerd glasses are fashion accessories even by those who aren’t really hardcore intellectuals. Now, aside from preppy non-graded nerd glasses, sunglasses also have thick plastic frames. These aren’t limited to Wayfarers now. Even rectangular glasses have thick plastic frames these days, and they’re no longer limited to frames for women.


Colors and shapes


The most common nerd sunglasses color is black with dark tints. However, if you’re looking for something more preppy, white framed ones or those with red frames and dark tints are also available in the market. Depending on what store you’re shopping in, you’re bound to see quite a selection of these nerd glasses. The choices for frame shapes are really between rectangular sunglasses and cat eyes. Obviously, cat eyes are more feminine. If you’re a guy and you would like to sport this style, keep close to the plainer rectangular ones.




You don’t need to purchase designer nerd sunglasses to enjoy high quality products. Besides, if you keep your choices to designer sunglasses, you’ll soon bore a hole through your pockets. You don’t want that. The smart and fashionable dresser would always look for ways to dress for less. All you really have to do is to look for a retailer who sells look-a-likes you can trust. There are plenty of look-a-like nerd sunglasses in the market today, and most of them look just as good as designer labels.


To make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth, look for retailers which offer money-back or replacement warranties just in case the products you purchased didn’t quite meet what was promised to you. You can also narrow down your choices by trusting the testimonials of their real-life clients. Retailers who can give a clear photographic comparison between their look-a-like products and the original designer models can also be trusted. These retailers must also welcome questions from you regarding their products.


Before you purchase nerd glasses


Not everyone looks good in nerd glasses. Before you purchase nerd sunglasses, make sure that it’s suitable for your facial shape and other features. Those with oval-shaped faces would look good in any type of nerd glasses. You should pick cat eye nerd sunglasses if you’re a woman and you have a long-ish face shape. If you’re a man, lean on rectangular nerd sunglasses. If you have a round face, and you’re a woman, you might want to stay away from this style altogether because it’s not exactly slimming for the face. You might want to try metal framed Aviators instead. 

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